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AirPods for Android: How to Use AirPods on Android

by James

Even Android users have to admit that Apple have gotten some things right.

The fact that there are so many Air Pod imitators is proof of this! Just look for wireless earphones on Amazon, and you’ll find countless pretenders that look and operate just like the AirPods – usually for much less.

That’s the first way to use AirPods on Android by the way: find an alternative!

Problem is, none of these alternatives come close to matching the original. Apple’s AirPods are true to the company’s manifesto in that they “just work.” They turn on as soon as you place them in your ear-holes, and they switch between devices just as handily. The sound quality is absolutely amazing (both what you’re hearing, and what anyone on the other end of a call hears!), and the noise-canceling on the new Pros is even better.

The AirPods are small, they have amazing battery life, and they simply deliver an amazing experience.

The good news? They’re actually not iOS exclusive!

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How to Use AirPods for Android

That’s right: AirPods are simply Bluetooth earphones, which means that they can be paired with any device. This means you can pair them with your PC and – yes – it means you can use them with Android devices!

And the good news is that this is also really simple. In fact, the process is the same as it would be for any other headphones.

Simply go to your device settings and then click Connections/Connected Devices > Bluetooth. Put the AirPods into pairing mode (put them inside the charging case with the lid open and press and hold the button until the indicator starts blinking white) and then search for devices on your Android device. Once you see the AirPods show up on the list, you can then select them and confirm in order to finalize the pairing process. It’s that easy!

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How Well do They Work?

The good news is that AirPods for Android work just as well as they do on an iOS device. That means that you get nearly all of the same features and benefits. For example, you can still control media playback by using the device. Likewise, you can still view the battery life of the AirPods – just as you would do on the iPhone or iPad. The only slight caveat with this one is that you will need to install a 3rd party app to do that But this is no problem, seeing as Android lets you install widgets so you can see that information right on your homescreen.

The only other slight difference is that there isn’t the same tight integration with the H1 chip, which is why there’s more of a setup process involved. On iOS you only need to hold the iPods in the vicinity of your phone to pair almost instantly!

But from here on in, all you need to do is whip the AirPods out of the case and you’ll be connected and ready to start listening!

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