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How to Clear the Clipboard on Android

by James

Many people will use their smartphones without ever fully understanding all of the features available to them or how to get the most out of them. A good example of this is the clipboard: many users are unfamiliar with what the Android clipboard is, let alone how to use it!

Essentially, the Clipboard on Android is a type of memory that stores information for the user to gain access to. This is what you will use whenever you copy text in order to paste elsewhere. What happens here is that a copy of that data is stored temporarily on the clipboard, and this can then be retrieved at a later date for convenient use.

So, why is this an issue, and why might you want to clear the clipboard? How do you remove that data when you want to?

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Why Clear Clipboard on Android?

The first thing to consider is why you should clear the clipboard on Android regularly.

The first reason, is simply that your clipboard might contain data that is private or personal. A good example is a password: as passwords are increasingly long and fiddly, we often copy and paste them in order to save time and avoid typos. 

That means that if someone should steal your phone, they could actually simply paste your password in order to gain access to privileged, private information.

Likewise, you might have captured a screenshot of an image that is not meant for general consumption, or you might have copied a message that is meant for you and you alone.

This is easy to do accidentally too, seeing as many apps actually have built-in features to make it easier to copy things like passwords. Some password managers will even do this automatically for you.

The other reason to clear the clipboard on Android is that it takes up data. If you have copied a very large amount of text or a very large image, then this can actually have the effect of harming performance in other apps and generally causing things to run more slowly.

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Quick Way to Clear the Clipboard

So, how do you clear the clipboard on Android? One easy option is to long press in any text field. It will bring up a menu that allows you to modify the contents of the clipboard. All you have to do is copy something small like a letter, and that will clear the clipboard on most Android versions.

This works because stock Android only allows one thing to be copied to the clipboard at once: so whether a password or a whole image is copied there, simply copying anything else will then clear it for you.

Samsung devices make this a little more tricky, seeing as they contain multiple items. However, Samsung has handily included a delete option for removing items from the clipboard. You access this in just the same way, by long holding any textbox and then merely clicking delete.

Finally, there are apps out there that will allow you to clear your clipboard and view what’s on there and even perform handy tricks to populate it or clear it regularly.

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