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How to Move Android Apps to SD Card

by James

Android devices have a number of distinct advantages over their iOS counterparts. One of the biggest of these advantages, is that there is so much choice in terms of hardware. No matter your sense of style, your priorities, or your budget, you can be sure that you’ll find a device that seems made for you!

But this variety in terms of hardware can also be a drawback. It means that for every winner, there will always be a few duds. And it means that while a device might be top-of-the-range in some respects, it can still fall short in others.

For instance: many of the more affordable Android devices actually come with paltry internal storage. Seeing as many of our photos are now stored on the cloud, this is less of an issue than it used to be.

Until you want to install a couple of 3D games that is! Or until you realize that Facebook’s app is actually huge.

But that’s where another advantage of Android comes in: the ability to change key settings of the device. In this case, we’re referring to the fact that most Android devices will allow you to move those app installs to a removable SD card!

How to Move Apps to SD Card?

There are a few caveats however.

First: your Android device must come with SD card support! Not all Android phones/tablets allow SD cards any more (in fact, the list is getting shorter) so this isn’t a given.

Second: some manufacturers will install their own Android skins that may or may not get in the way of moving the files. The process is also a little different depending on your manufacturer, for this reason.


To do this on a Samsung device, you will first need to go to Settings > Apps. From here, you will simply need to click “move apps to external storage” and you’re done! Samsung makes life easy and is very good at providing users with extra options and features generally!

Stock Android

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On stock Android devices running Android Nougat or above, you will need to go to Settings > Apps and Notifications > App Info.

This opens a page for each app, where you’ll be able to see “Storage Used.” You might see that this lists “Device Memory.” All you have to do here is click the button underneath that says “Change” and then “Move.”

This is a quick and simple process, but it does mean that you’ll need to move each app individually, and that you won’t be able to move certain apps.

Huawei & Honor

If your device is from either Huawei or Honor, then unfortunately you won’t be able to move each app individually. What you can do is to change the default installation location, which will ensure that all apps installed subsequently are placed here. You can then uninstall and reinstall the apps you want moved (usually this won’t cause any loss of data).

To do this, go to Settings > Memory and Storage > Default Location.

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